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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are you living in Miami Beach condos like the Apogee South Beach but find yourself tired of the same restaurants and hotspots in the city?  Recent eateries like the French inspired Caviar Kaspia and Au Pied de Cochon can be walked to from the Apogee condo but you may want to schedule a visit to those two places for another day and instead check out the new Lemon Twist.

The name of the Lemon Twist bistro may be familiar as it actually existed in the city before, way back in 1998 before Apogee South Beach was even a glint in its developer’s eye.  Interestingly, the original Lemon Twist was owned by Eric Omores who nowadays is known as the man behind Nikki Beach.  Despite it becoming a popular hangout, Lemon Twist was turned into a sports lounge until restaurateur Alain Suissa chose to renovate the lounge and return the spot to its original name.

Besides the French interior design, the cuisine you’ll enjoy is directed by chef Chef Franck Hierholzer, a native Frenchman himself.  You’ll find a number of dishes that are actually quite common in France but hard to come by over here in the States like the Loup de Mer Provencale en Papillotte which is actually sea bass baked in parchment paper.  If you’re living in the Apogee condo, it’s definitely a must visit if you’re looking to try something new.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In case you’re unaware, Apogee Miami Beach belongs to the area known as South of Fifth in Miami Beach.  South of Fifth is generally considered to be the home of the finest Miami Beach condos, the Apogee condo being just one of several.

The South of Fifth location proves beneficial to Apogee for reasons that go well beyond its desirable location.  As has been the case with many Miami Beach real estate sales taking place nowadays, foreign buyers comprise the bulk of people investing in the city’s property, courtesy of the weak dollar.  What’s more, South of Fifth is seeing a tremendous amount of activity when compared to other areas like north of Fifth Street.  Of the priciest sales this year in Miami Beach, eleven of those were at Apogee South Beach.  A unit at Apogee starts at a handsome $3.5 million, by the way.

South of Fifth and Apogee may be where most of the activity is taking place but there are other condominium projects in the area that don’t carry quite as premium of a price tag.  Regardless, the fact that Apogee shows good signs when it comes to sales means that you can buy a unit there knowing that your investment has very little chance of coming into problems down the road and that you’ll be investing in one of the best Miami Beach condos in the city.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It’s safe to say that among the countless reasons why Apogee Miami Beach attracts residents, the fact that it’s within walking distance from Art Basel Miami Beach sure does help.  This annual event is considered one of the most significant art shows in the nation, maintaining a standing as a highly momentous cultural and social highlight for more than forty years.  Featuring a range of artwork from places throughout the world and more than 1500 artists with a mass of parties and exhibitions, Art Basel Miami Beach continues to uphold its sterling reputation.

Don’t expect the same Art Basel Miami Beach of years before.  Come December 3rd to the 6th, everything may look quite different than the classic layout you’ve become familiar with.  With the purpose of making more room for artwork and bigger visitor space many of the layouts will be undergoing an elaborate revamp.  A number of galleries will be switched around with the intention of creating a new look and feel that is completely near the Miami Beach Convention Center and the ocean.

There’s little doubt that if you presently live in Apogee South Beach then Art Basel Miami Beach is an event you’re very well aware of.  Conversely if you’re an art aficionado who wants to see some of the best work in the planet and mix with what’s sure to be an extremely assorted cast of attendees, clear your calendar for early December and make sure to visit Art Basel 2009.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The summer season is soon coming to an end, ushering in the winter seasons potentially bringing in a slew of snowbirds from the north looking to escape from the soon to be nippy weather.  If there’s a place to enjoy more agreeable weather while getting a feel for the rich culture and lifestyle, it’s Miami Beach, home of the Apogee condo.  If you plan on visiting Miami Beach soon, here are a few notable upcoming events.

Beginning on the second of October, the Festival Miami 2010 continues throughout the month ending just before Halloween.  Both local and international artists as well as student organizations perform a huge variety of musical genres.

Several art shows are also happening during October, close to Apogee Miami Beach.  On the 3rd, visit Lincoln Road to view the works of more than 35 different local artists as you sample delectable hors d’oeuvres.  On the last day of the month, the 19th Annual in the Park with Art features works by artists from the entire state of Florida, complete with free admission.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Most people recognize Apogee as the relatively new Miami Beach condo located within the South Beach area.  Known for its unbelievable penthouses, huge balconies and the comparably low number of units on each floor (only 22 in the entire building), Apogee South Beach as it’s often called is often considered to be the apex of luxurious residences and ultra comfort.

We at Miami Beach Condos and Homes are happy to report that the Apogee Miami Beach condo has just closed on an exciting new sale.  Unit 1201 with over 4,154 square feet closed on July 23rd for $5,450,000, this is $1311.99 per square foot. There are currently eighteen units for sale in the building ranging from $3,395,000 to $18,500,000.

Choosing a residence at the South Beach condo of Apogee puts you right next door to the famous sands of Miami Beach and what is arguably its most popular attraction: Ocean Drive.  With its southern views of the oceanfront and Fisher Island, Apogee is an excellent choice.

Monday, August 3, 2009

In terms of the best tourism destinations, Miami Beach remains a much loved favorite in the United States as huge numbers of people visit the city to explore its richly varied lifestyle and the sun-kissed beaches that so many become instantly enamored with.  Distinctions such as these are among the countless reasons why many people decide to purchase or invest in Miami Beach condos.

The Apogee condo in the exclusive South of Fifth neighborhood in the area of South Beach is known for being an unbelievably contemporary South Beach condo with some major names behind it like The Related Group (its developer), Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership (its architect) and Yabu Pushelberg (its interior designer).  At just 22 stories, it’s one of the smaller buildings yet the residences offer a scintillating experience and ultra contemporary features.

Make sure to stop by regularly as we’ll be updating this space with exciting news not only about Apogee but also new developments and events taking place throughout Miami Beach.  Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment or two.

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