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Thursday, February 10, 2011

One of Miami Beach's advantages when it comes to choosing where to live is its large selection of traditional homes and South Beach condos.  In the case of the latter, there are arguably just as many perks and limitations as choosing a single family home that might or might not make it a better fit for you.

So let's say you're eyeing something like Apogee Miami Beach.  The most obvious advantage Apogee would have is the large array of amenities which, considering the building itself, are much more than what's conventional.  A condo also offers a greater degree of security since gated parking, security guards and in many cases doormen are often part of the asking price.  If you're into maintenance, the upkeep in a condo is limited to what's inside your residence while mowing the lawn, cleaning sidewalks and pool maintenance remain the responsibility of the association.

Apogee South Beach is known for the limited number of units it contains which adds to better privacy but you will still have neighbors in closer proximity than what's customary in a traditional home.  If you're someone who carries a lot of stuff, storage space is extremely limited which might necessitate having to pay for public storage.

One last thing you might want to think about is creative freedom.  Depending on the building, there may be restrictions on how much you can customize your unit.  Consider these items carefully before choosing where to live.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Should you buy or should you rent?  It’s a hotly debated topic with enough pros and cons to leave you questioning whether it’s worth actually purchasing Miami Beach condos like Apogee South Beach or just renting them out until things stabilize a bit more.

Ultimately the wisest choice in the matter comes down to the location.  For example, it costs more to rent than it does to buy an apartment or condo in Jacksonville while the reverse is true in a city like New York where renting costs considerably less than buying.  Two bedroom Miami Beach condos are for the most part carrying average list prices that are less expensive than what one would pay in rent for the same type of property.

Now this may not hold true when it comes to a condominium like Apogee Miami Beach which falls under the category of luxury but it may be worth thoroughly considering your options if you’re considering settling down somewhere for the long term.  Homeownership does have more strings attached but it might be a better idea than seeing hundreds of dollars disappear each month in a renting scenario.  Ultimately the decision should be based on your needs and financial situation.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New hotspots near Miami Beach condos can get crowded fast and unless the hotspot in question has significant staying power, what was once new can become yesterday’s also ran in a short amount of time.  Later on this month, yet another new facility will be joining the ranks of Miami Beach hotspots and you won’t need to travel very far from Apogee Miami Beach to enjoy it.

The Water Club will be making its debut on the 28th of this month and promises to be the next greatest dining and entertainment hotspot, albeit with a waterfront location like its name suggests.  The site itself will be a massive 27,000+ square foot facility capable of accommodating over 300 people.  It will feature a swimming pool on a sundeck as well as dockage for up to fifty boats.  It offers nearly everything you’d find in a condo like Apogee South Beach but in a setting designed to be much more social.

Come May 28th, The Water Club will be hosting a number of grand opening events.  If you’re looking for some place new to check out near your Apogee condo home, The Water Club may soon become your new favorite destination.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's mostly safe to assume that if you're choosing to live in a condo like Apogee Miami Beach, its location factored heavily in terms of swaying your decision.  The so-called “South of Fifth” area is well known for its affluence but such a trait can only go so far.  After all, once the style is there it needs to be firmly reinforced with the substance, right?

We can always start off with the beaches that give the home of the Apogee condo its name.  South Florida is already well known for its sunny weather and its coasts so living in Apogee South Beach essentially means you can walk to these said coasts at any time of day.  Beachgoers will love this aspect but this still largely falls under the category of style for most people.

The true substance and appeal of South Beach condos is perhaps most evident when exploring its culture, navigating its many distinct restaurants like Joe's Stone Crab or China Grill that all feature a unique cuisine of some kind.  Cuban, Jamaican, all of these nationalities can be found in the restaurants as well as the people who inhabit Miami Beach.  The Art Basel event is one of the most important in the world and it's yet another feature that provides the substance.

The Apogee condo may be advertised on all of its bells and whistles and the forever contemporary allure of Miami Beach but to live in the building is to experience a well rounded lifestyle that's got substance to spare.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anyone who has been to Miami Beach on a weekend has likely been a witness to some of the minor gripes that affect the city, namely its traffic and scarcity of parking.  These are the kinds of problems that most popular tourism cities have to deal with, but there’s usually someone behind the scenes trying to do something about.  If you live in the Apogee condo, getting around is about to get a little easier.

The Electric Bicycle Store opened its doors last week in Miami Beach right on the much traveled Alton Road.  Interestingly, the store is perhaps the first to try and spur adoption of such a means of environmentally conscious transportation not only in Miami Beach but also in the country.  The store offers Apogee Miami Beach residents and tourists the option to purchase a bicycle at varying prices or rent one on an hourly or daily basis.

Here in South Florida people heavily favor traditional automobiles so The Electric Bicycle Store has an uphill climb of sorts in broadening people’s preferred method of transportation, even if it is clearly a much better earth-friendly alternative.  Still, if you ever plan on exploring Miami Beach from Apogee South Beach, it may be worth at least renting one of these bicycles as it will surely save you time and money.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl weekend proved to be quite a boon for Miami Beach condos like Apogee South Beach and local businesses.  Besides the increased presence of tourists and out-of-towners, Miami’s own tourism industry will certainly be enjoying a rebound of sorts.  In fact, it’s projected that the Super Bowl may have contributed over $153 million to South Florida’s economy.

To put things into a more detailed perspective, high end Miami Beach condos like Apogee Miami Beach were charging anywhere from $1,000 to a whopping $2,500 a night for visitors to stay in a condominium by the beach.  The last time a Super Bowl was held in South Florida back in 2007 nearly $200 million was generated thanks to the presence of the Colts and the Bears.  Things may be a little cooler this time around but another Super Bowl weekend is certainly a plus.

As for the Apogee condo, if you’ve never been to the building you can find it within the South Beach area as part of the exclusive collection of Miami Beach condos in the South of Fifth area.  The building is known for its low number of units and small size that allow it lots of privacy and tons of square footage in each of the 67 units within the building.

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