Sieger Suarez

apogee Architect

Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership is the firm responsible for the creativity and ultra contemporary design of the Apogee Miami Beach condo, a partnership that has developed and earned an exceptional reputation and numerous honors and recognitions for conceiving some of the most imaginatively varied, inventive and visually remarkable luxury high rises in South Florida and elsewhere.

Formerly identified as Charles M. Sieger Architects, Inc., Apogee architect Charles M. Sieger ultimately joined with fellow architect Jose J. Suarez to produce what most people now know as Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership.  What at first started off as a tiny company is now a chief trendsetter in the architecture industry with a number of divisions devoted to a variety of branches of architecture in addition to marketing and advertising.

In addition to Apogee South Beach, Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership is also the creative brains behind the design of the celebrated ICON South Beach condo and the Miami Beach condos of 6000 Indian Creek, Murano Grande and the majestic Portofino Tower.

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